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Logo Design – enie's echtes Eis

Logo design for enie’s – echtes Eis.


enie's echtes Eis

Logo design for enie's echtes Eis, an ice cream manufacturer from Germany. Enie's only uses natural and biological ingredients to create delicious flavours. The goal here was to design a simple yet playful logo including natural components without overused design elements such as leaves etc. So I decided to create an ice cream cone with a round penguin in it which looks like a scoop of ice cream. The penguin symbolises the natural ingredients and the colourful circles around the cute bird are the different flavours that are waiting to be explored at enie's.


The logo is made of very simple geometric shapes. Since circles are pleasant for the human eye and they have psychological meaning of love, friendship and community, it's the shape I worked with for the most parts of the logo.